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Adopt A Spot Volunteer Program

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    City of Brooksville Adopt-A-Spot Volunteer Program


    Clean & Green Communities

    The City of Brooksville Adopt-A-Spot Program encourages citizen participation in beautification greening, litter pick-up and maintenance projects in designated areas of the community at regular intervals. 


    An Adopt-A-Spot project can include several different types of activities. It may be as simple as picking up stray litter in your local park once a month, or it may be a longer-term project such as weeding, planting and maintaining a specific area.    

    What kind of work is involved? 

    • Removing litter, debris and cigarettes
    • Controlling weeds and invasive plants
    • Planting perennial pollinators or edibles
    • Spreading mulch

    City of Brooksville Commitment

    • Clean-up supplies: gloves, bags, safety vests
    • Safety instructions
    • Recognition of you and your team’s commitment on the City’s website and an Adopt-A-Spot courtesy sign
    • Collection of trash and weeds from project

    Volunteer’s Commitment

    • One-year maintenance commitment
    • Successful application filed with the City of Brooksville
    • Notify the City of Brooksville one week prior to clean-up or planting / weeding event to coordinate resources and litter removal




    Planting Pollinator Patches

    Pollinators are responsible for ¾ of the world’s food supply and are vitally important to the health of our local urban forest. Pollinator plantings are both beautiful and ecologically sound features of the landscape, attracting butterflies, birds and bees into urban areas.  A list of pollinator-friendly plants and local nurseries where they can be purchased can be found at


    Establishing & Maintaining Orchards and Edibles

    Fruit producing trees and shrubs growing in neighborhoods, parks and greenways provide fresh, accessible food to Brooksville. Projects can range from planting a small patch of blueberries or an entire orchard of fruit trees. The list of recommended edible trees and shrubs and local nurseries where they can be purchased can be obtained from the Parks and Recreation Department.


    Invasive Plant Removal

    Invasive exotic plants disrupt the ecology of natural ecosystems, displace native plant and animal species, and degrade our biological resources.  Aggressive invaders reduce the amount of light, water, nutrients and space available to native species.  Some cause increased erosion along stream banks, shorelines and roadsides.  Many Adopt-A-Spot projects will require invasive plant removal to prepare the land for planting and to prevent invasives from taking over existing and new plantings. Please contact Parks and Recreation Department for a list of area invasive species.


    Planting in Bulb-Outs

    Bulb-outs are areas that extend from the sidewalk along the sides of the street.  They are typically in place at crosswalks or on street parking. These areas can typically be accessed from the adjacent sidewalk.  Bulb-outs can be used for planting edible and/or pollinator gardens. Volunteers must use extra caution when working along streets and roadways.












    Adopt-A-Spot Program Terms:

    Any individual (18 years or older), community, special interest, business, church, or other group may become an Adopt-A-Spot (AAS) Sponsor by adopting public areas inside city limits.

    Public areas may include but are not limited to parks/greenways, parking lots, bus stops, bulb-outs and other city owned property pending approval.

    Individuals and groups applying for participation in the program will be required to complete an application and sign an adoption agreement. The city reserves the right to deny sponsors and to determine the appropriateness of locations for spots to be adopted.

    The adopting individual(s) or organization(s) commit to cleaning up their adopted areas at least four times each year for two years.

    If Sponsors are unable to fulfill their agreement, their signs will be removed and the space will be available for adoption by other individuals or groups. Continuation of sponsorship from year to year will be based upon satisfactory reports and inspections.

    Sponsors will receive copies of the program guidelines, an application with checklists, waiver & release forms for participants to sign, safety tips and reporting forms.

    A standardized sponsor sign noting the program and participating organization/individual will be provided for designated Adopt-A-Spot location by the city.

    Sponsor groups with participating members less than 15 years of age must be supervised by an adult of at least 21 years of age.

    Participants must attend an initial safety briefing prior to the first clean-up to review safety and other guidelines. No participant may be involved in a litter clean-up without having attended at least one safety briefing.

    All participants must park vehicles legally when performing maintenance work at their Adopt-a-Spot location. Work should be completed without interfering with traffic lanes near the site.

    No chemical pest control measures, including pesticides and herbicides, may be used on planted areas. 

    All work in planted areas will be performed during daylight hours and in good weather conditions.

    The City of Brooksville Parks and Recreation Department will provide participants with plastic trash bags, gloves and safety vests prior to each cleanup.

    Participants will be advised on how to dispose of filled trash bags. Participants may be required to separate recyclable materials.

    Sponsors are required to track and report their clean-up activities to City of Brooksville Parks and Recreation Department in order to provide information that may be used for various reports and analysis. This report will include information such as date, hours worked, number or persons involved in clean-up, number of bags collected, etc. The report can be submitted by mail or electronically and should be submitted within a week of the clean-up.

    City of Brooksville will monitor the designated areas of adoption.

    The City of Brooksville reserves the right to make changes to these terms as necessary.

    The City of Brooksville is not responsible for any accident or injury that occurs to any member of any organization, or their property, that participates in the Adopt-A-Spot Program.




    Date: ____/____/_____

    City of Brooksville

    Adopt A Spot Program Application

    Name of Individual, Organization, or Business_______________________________________________________


    Mailing Address_______________________________________________________________________________

    City______________________________ State ______ Zip_________.

    Phone__________________ Fax_____________________ Email_______________________

    Print the name to be listed on the recognition sign: ___________________________________

    Group Coordinator/Contact______________________________________________________

    Phone_______________________    Email__________________________________________


    Type of spot to be adopted:

     ___Park   ___Bus Stop    ___Trail/greenway   ___Bulb-out   ___Parking Lots   ___Other

    If Other, please describe: _________________________________________________________________________


    Type of Planting to be done:

    ___Pollinator Habitat   ___Perennial Flower Garden   ___Edible Trees/Shrubs   


    Location of adopted spot and brief description of project (1st Choice & 2nd Choice): ____________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________________

    ___ The adopter is providing the planting plan (If checked, a detail plant list and site sketch are required.  If edibles are being planted an identification plan must also be submitted.) 


    We have read and understand all of the program guidelines of this application and will abide by them and any other requirements for participation in the Adopt-A-Spot program.


    Adopting Group’s Authorized Representative                                          


    Print Name


    Applicant Signature




    The following is for Office Use Only:   Comments of Staff: Recommendation: Approved ____      Disapproved ____

    Reviewed by: ________________________________   Date Reviewed: ______________________


    Adopt-a-Spot Budget Worksheet


    Projects of all sizes require resources such as time, effort, planting material, tools, mulch, water and horticulture expertise. While the City of Brooksville is not able to provide financial support for Adopt-a-Spot projects, there are certain resources we might be able to provide or help you and your group obtain. The worksheet below is designed to help you and your group plan a successful Adopt-a-Spot project. The Adopt­ a-Spot Coordinator at City of Brooksville will be happy to help you complete the worksheet and think through any challenges you might encounter during project implementation.





    Budget Category

    Item Description



    Dollar Amount


    (List "In-Kind" or source of funding)



    Landscape Design







    Amendments (such as compost, topsoil, mulch)






    Site Preparation

    (soil testing, Dig Safe, renting a backhoe or tractor)






    Plant material

    (potted plants, seeds,

    trees, shrubs, etc.)








    (shovels, trowels, etc.)







    (Volunteer labor is

    valued at $21/hr)







    Watering device (if








    Other (Please describe)












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