City Clerk

City of Brooksville Cemetery GazeboJennifer Battista City Clerk and Lisa Morris Deputy City ClerkThe City Clerk's office is the "information desk" of the City government. The Clerk's role is to maintain the integrity of the legislative process, through the dissemination of information concerning legislative and policy decisions.

The main function of the City Clerk's office is to act as the official keeper of City records. Other City Clerk responsibilities include:

  • Custodian of the City Seal.
  • Custodian of Public Records (for requests, please see below)
  • Protecting, preserving, and sharing City records. Click here to view the City's resolutions pertaining to copy charges: Resolution Number 2007-12 (PDF) Copy Charges
  • Authenticating City records as true and correct copies of originals.
  • Scheduling and posting public notices of official meetings.
  • Authenticating and recording ordinances and resolutions adopted by City Council.
  • Administering oaths.
  • Coordinates the various appointed City advisory boards and committees, including orientation of members, oaths, and maintenance of records and minutes.
  • Coordinates reporting of the City's Financial Disclosure requirements.
  • Maintains all legislative, and administrative records of the City, ensuring proper storage and retrieval of said records.
  • Responsible for preparation of resolutions, proclamations, agendas, minutes, reports, correspondence, and other documents as may be required.
  • Ensures that City ordinances amending code are codified. For the City's Code of Ordinances, please click here.
  • Responsible for public notices and coordination of Bids and Requests for Proposal (RFP)
  • Provides notary services.
  • Issues Solicitors Licenses

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