Parks and Recreation Master Plan

The City of Brooksville is preparing its first strategic plan for the parks and recreation system in collaboration with Ayres, a planning design and engineering consultant. Click here to find out more and get involved!


 City of Brooksville Parks and Recreation Master Plan

 This spring the City of Brooksville embarked on the preparation of a city-wide parks and recreation master plan. The City’s parks are a key part of what makes Brooksville such a desirable place to live; and as we grow, we need to strategic plan that will guide decision-making regarding provisions, operations, maintenance, and capital improvements over the next ten years.

 The City aims to provide fair and just access to quality parks, programs, services, and experiences that energize visitors and create life-long users and advocates. In addition, the City endeavors to provide and promote safe, healthy, and enriching recreational and educational opportunities that promote stewardship of Brooksville’s natural and cultural heritage. To do this we want your input!

 What’s been done so far? 

 The City has hired Ayres Associates to create the plan with the guidance of City staff, elected officials, civic leaders, and the community at large. 

 Initial discussions have been held with the Council and staff, and Ayres has begun to inventory the existing parks and the preparation of GIS maps for assessments. 

Click to see some of the maps prepared

Existing Parks and Recreation Facilities Map  

Central Focus Area Map

Population Density Map

Parks Service Areas Map

Stakeholder Meetings

Focused meetings were held on May 09, 10, and 12, 2023 with several parks and recreation providers as well as key partners to understand the opportunities and challenges related to the park system within the City.

Stakeholders 1Stakeholders 2 

 How can I be involved? 

                 Take a survey and let us know your thoughts:

                                QR Code for Parks MP Phase 1 Survey

Browse the assessment maps above, that were prepared for the project and the City’s Recreation and Open Space Goals and Policies in City’s Comprehensive Plan

               City's Comprehensive Plan

Attend a meeting

         May 22, 2023, City Council Workshop - Update on the P&R Master Plan Project

Click here to go to the page for council agenda/meetings

 What’s next? 

              Public workshop and open house in June (time and place to be announced soon)

 Ultimately, the City Council will adopt the Parks and Recreation Master Plan, and we hope that you will have had a chance to think about the parks, learn about the challenges and opportunities, and add our thoughts. 


Questions? Contact David Howard, Director of Parks and Recreation, Phone: 352-540-3832, Email: