The Accounts Payable Section of the Finance Department for the City of Brooksville, Florida is responsible for verifying and processing requests for payments in accordance with established guidelines and control procedures. Authorization for payment must be indicated on all documents submitted for processing. Types of payment requests include vendor invoices, check requests, petty cash reimbursement requests, travel expense reports, etc.

Vendor questions relating to the payment of an invoice should be directed to the department that ordered the service and/or product. To expedite the research, please have available detailed information such as: the invoice number, date, amount, and purchase order number. 

Accounts Payable prepares checks on a weekly basis. To promote efficiency in the Accounts Payable Section, departments must have check requests and/or vendor invoices to Accounts Payable by noon on Tuesday.

The Weekly Accounts Payable Reports for the City of Brooksville represent the process of paying vendors. Each week on Thursday, payables are prepared for the Mayor and City Manager to sign. The weekly report is distributed to City Council and staff to provide interim financial information. You can review the weekly report by clicking on the link below.

AP Reports