Art on Fire

Art on Fire


Design proposals now being considered for the 3rd round of fire hydrants to be painted in the City of Brooksville

 The City of Brooksville, in collaboration with the Hernando Fine arts Council is pleased to announce the Art on Fire Program. Interested artists (no residency requirements) will be permitted to “adopt” fire hydrants within the corporate limits of Brooksville and create artistic designs for them. Fire hydrants throughout Downtown Brooksville will be available for artists to paint. The goal of this program is to embrace the artistic talents of local individuals while displaying creative artwork throughout the community. Artists are encouraged to incorporate the character of the surrounding environment and neighborhood into their artwork. There is no cost to apply for the program. Artists are responsible for providing their own materials. Please note that existing hydrant artwork cannot be painted over.

Program Details and FAQ:

How can I participate in this program?

· Fill out the application/design proposal.

· Please be sure to include the location of the hydrant you would like to paint.

· Fill out the waiver.

· Submit the required form to the City of Brooksville.

· The City of Brooksville will contact you once your application has been approved.

How should I begin painting after receiving City approval?

· Remove all dirt, mud, and debris from the hydrant before painting.

· Protect the immediate area around the hydrant from paint stains.

· The use of an oil-based primer before painting will allow paint to adhere to your hydrant better.

· Use high quality, oil-based enamel paint for metal such as Rust Stop or RustOleum.

· Those participating may use stencils, air brush with masking tape, or freehand their design, but only paint may be used and nothing can be attached to the fire hydrant.

· Other paint options: include taxidermy companies like McKenzie taxidermy; all their paints would work and you can buy small quantities. Any lacquer base paints, automotive paints, or model paints, as well as the OneShot sign paint.

QR codes will be displayed for further information about the artist.

What is prohibited on the hydrants?

-DO NOT to paint the Stem on top of the Hydrant. This can cause issues with operating it and also for DPW when they have to work on them. The Stem is the Nut on top the fire department uses to actually open/close the hydrant.

· Inappropriate words, advertisements, political messages, etc.

· Glued or attached objects.

· Camouflage or designs that significantly reduce hydrant visibility.

· Please avoid using dark colors or a lot of white as they reduce hydrant visibility.

Once I have finished painting my hydrant, what should I do?

· Sign the hydrant with your name.  

 · Notify the City of Brooksville: , once you are finished.

· Maintain your hydrant’s artistic design for up to one year.

Application/ Design Proposals