Vehicle Extrication Training with Two Fire FightersTraining is a very important part of the Brooksville Fire Department. It is the key to effective on-the-job performance. Training in fire and emergency services begins before personnel is hired. Employees are required to have specific State certifications and specialized training prior to being employed by the department.

Once hired, all employees receive orientation training to become familiar with departmental equipment, rules, practices, and emergency operational procedures. The orientation training includes testing throughout their first year of employment. All employees must show proficiency during orientation testing to complete their probationary period

A Training Captain has been assigned to create an annual training calendar consisting of internal and external training opportunities. Personnel is given training assignments in accordance with their respective level of responsibility. All Brooksville Fire Department (BFD) employees are required to participate in training that will maintain and enhance their current knowledge, skill, and ability levels.

Training is performed through demonstration, participation, lecture, online delivery, and practical exercises. Routine coursework and curriculum include but are not limited to teamwork, firefighting tactics and strategy, emergency medical services delivery, special operations, apparatus operations, incident command, and control and officer development.

Employees are both encouraged to increase their competency level and personal level of formal college-level academic education in order to promote within the department and accept higher levels of responsibility within the organization. Many of our personnel hold college degrees within the profession of Fire and Emergency Medical Services (EMS) and others are currently working on those goals.